Jump arena and HiT iT! arena

A new trampoline park in Eindhoven with great events such as the Twister, Ninja Course, Trapeze, Jump Tower and a HiT iT! arena!

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HiT iT! – the interactive game for trampoline parks

The HiT iT! arena makes Jumpsquare Eindhoven a unique park. The game is played in an arena full of events with integrated targets. The players get a RFID wristband, they run, climb and clamber through the events to earn points. The HiT iT! arena consists of various events such as Ballz, a cage full of balls that players have to climb to earn points. Or the Road to Victory, where players have to walk against a sloping wall to scan the targets. The higher you get, the more points you earn.

Trampoline park with Twister and High Performance trampolines.

The total surface of the HiT iT! arena and jump park is 2,000 square meters. In this trampoline park, you will find a Twister, Trapeze, Jump Tower, High Performance trampolines and a Ninja Course. These attractions are also very popular with the older target groups, such as free runners. Furthermore, there is a large Jump Arena and Tumbling Lane for practising jumps and stunts. Special Jumpsquare lessons are offered by experienced jumpers.

Double ValoJump

Two ValoJumps are installed in this park to create more interaction. The ValoJump is an interactive game that is played on the trampoline and it provides entertainment for visitors of all ages. By installing multiple ValoJump devices, jumpers are able to play against each other. This ensures even more fun and competition!

Interactive HiT iT! arena in your park?

Are you curious if the HiT iT! arena is an interesting event for your trampoline park, sports venue, playground of FEC? Read more about the possibilities of the interactive HiT iT! game on our website: HiT iT! arena or HiT iT! for kids. If you would like to receive more information or have any questions about our play equipment, please contact us.

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