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5 popular trampoline park events

Create a playground at your campsite or holiday park

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ELI Play’s trampoline park events

At ELI Play you will find the latest trends and equipment for indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks. We are continuously working on the development and optimisation of our Jump events. ELI Play has installed more than 250 trampoline projects worldwide.

Nowadays trampoline parks offer so much more than just trampolines. You will find ninja courses, ball games and interactive elements. It is a combination of sports and fun, an experience! What are the most popular Jump events?

1. Twister

Who will win the game? This trampoline event is specially made for groups. You can recognize the Twister from the tv show Wipe-out. While the arms of the Twister rotate, the 8 players have to jump over it on time. If someone is hit by one of the arms, game over! The remaining players continue the game until there is only one winner left.

2. Stunt Area

The Stunt Area provides fun and challenge for visitors of all ages. You will find a Battle Beam, Rolling Barrel or Slackline in combination with a Foam Pit or Airbag. The Battle Beam is a narrow bar on which opponents have to duel against each other with soft battle sticks. Keep your balance and knock your opponent off the battle beam.

Slacklining is trending! A sport for daredevils. Try to keep your balance and walk over the narrow strap without falling off. The RollingBarrel consists of separate rolls that move independently of each other. Try to reach the other side!

3. Ninja course

ELI Play’s Ninja Course offers challenge and fun for both children and adults. We offer various Ninja obstacles with different difficulty levels to test the athletes’ speed, coordination, strength and agility. Create different routes for beginners and advanced athletes.

The goal is to complete the course without falling. To create more competition it is possible to add a timer system. Jumpers try to reach the high score!

Slackline and Ninja Course

4. Dunk Zone

In various trampoline parks you will find a Dunk Zone. The Dunk Zone consists of an extra-long trampoline and a basket. Due to the long trampoline, players have enough space to jump high enough and throw the ball through the ring. Jumpers can practice their technique, improve their dunk skills or challenge each other to play a game. It is possible to install more baskets in a row for more competition.

5. Interactive games for trampoline parks

Give your trampoline park a boost with the new technology. Add some interactive games in you trampoline park!

  • ValoJump

ValoJump is an interactive trampoline game. Players have to jump to earn points or beat their opponents. The ValoJump can be integrated in a trampoline park or placed as standalone attraction in playgrounds. Valo Motion offers single- and two-player games. If you install two ValoJump units players can challenge each other.

  • CardioWall

The CardioWall has two game options to test the player’s speed and responsiveness. The player jumps on the trampoline and must hit as many pods as possible within one minute. You can play the game with two players when two game boards are connected.

  • DodgeAttack

Add the DodgeAttack to the Dodgeball area or Multi Sport arena. The interactive game boards are installed above the trampolines. When a team hits the opponent’s target, the board lights up and they score points. The digital scoreboard automatically tracks the score.

ValoJump, CardioWall and DodgeAttack
ValoJump, CardioWall and DodgeAttack

More information about trampoline equipment?

Take a look at our broad range of trampoline park equipment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via kontakt@eliplay.de or +49 511 40067137.

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