Trampoline park Yatoo Neuchatel – Switzerland

In Thielle, Switzerland, there is a paradise of fun and adventure for young and old: Yatoo Family Center. With an area of 850 m², the trampoline park offers plenty of challenge!

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If you are an experienced trampoline jumper or just looking for a fun and energetic day out, the trampoline park at Yatoo Neuchâtel which is designed designed by ELI Play is a venue where fun and challenge are combined.

The trampoline park consists of different areas for visitors of all ages. The Jump Arena consists of a field with several trampolines and obstacles, along with a long Tumbling Lane where jumpers make the most impressive jumps. In this area you will also find the interactive CardioWall and ValoJump where exercise and fun are combined.

Twister in trampoline park

This park also includes the popular Twister attraction. With four trampolines, this attraction invites jumpers to test their jumping skills. It is not only a challenging group attraction, but this attraction also allows jumpers to push coordination and agility to the next level.

Two level Ninja Course

The absolute highlight of Yatoo Neuchâtel is the Ninja Course, which consists of two levels and offers a challenging course with obstacles that require agility and strength. This part of the park offers not only a great physical activity, but also the opportunity for friends and family to challenge each other and see who is the master ninja!

Airbag and Foam pit

In the middle of this park is the Jump Tower installed in combination with an Airbag. This attraction gives daredevils the opportunity to experience the ultimate free fall. With a platform of 1.5 and 2 metres high, the jumper determines the desired height of the fall. In addition, a huge Foam Pit is installed full of soft foam blocks in which visitors jump from the jump box. Or they compete on the Battle Beam which is also installed in the foam pit area.

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